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Generating new untapped keywords has never been so easy

How I generated 1981 keywords in less than 2 minutes

Starting with 3 simple and short lists:

Some ferniture names - list 1:

List 2 - wood types:

Result list - step 1.

List 3 - some price and buy related keywords:

I was able to generate 1981 keywords:

(Part of) Result list after step 2:

And simulate them:

Why keywords are so important?

Finding profitable keywords is essential both for SEO and pay per click. Without proper keywords you can put a lot of effort in SEO or invest a lot of money in pey per click ads and you won’t get any money.

Using this application you can generate hundreds of new untapped keywords none think of.

How to find profitable untapped keywords and make a lot of sales?

When you scrape keywords you will get the keywords someone else found before but when you generate keywords you can find new profitable high converting keywords none else uses.

How to generate hundreds or thousands of untapped keywords? You can find them using some lists operations...

but it can be really frustrating and time consuming to do this by hand.

You can generate a lot of high converting keywords using this
FOXE Keyword Strategy Master application

Useful keywords lists operations

Lists Multiplication

(medical massage, chiropractor) x (Chicago, Newark) => (medical massage Chicago, chiropractor Chicago, medical massage Newark, chiropractor Chicago)

(blue yoga mat, red yoga mat) x (price, discount, cost) => (blue yoga mat price, blue yoga met discount, blue yoga mat cost, red yoga mat price, red yoga mat discount, red yoga mat cost)

You can easily generate hundreds of high converting keywords using price related prefixes and postfixes.

List Substitution

(dog aggression, dog barking, dog biting)[dog: pit bull, boxer, German shepherd] => (

pit bull aggression, pit bull barking, pit bull biting, boxer aggression, boxer barking, boxer biting, German shepherd aggression, German shepherd barking, German shepherd biting)

You can easily generate hundreds of specific keywords based on more generic keywords like dog breeds, types of woods, colors, sizes, prices, types of payments and many more.

Keywords reversion

(medical massage Chicago, chiropractor Chicago, medical massage Newark, chiropractor Chicago) => (Chicago medical massage, Chicago chiropractor, Newark medical massage, Newark chiropractor)

You can easily double size of your keywords list.

Traffic and sales simulation

When you have your keywords you can simulate your traffic using predefined CTR (or real CTR value) and conversion rate to get an idea how would they perform. When you have data from Google Search Console you can use data it provides.

Typical Internet marketing, affiliate marketing issues:

  • low number of visitor – small amount of traffic
  • no sales at all
  • you make some sales but your income is equal to (or even less than) your SEO, AdWords or BingAds expenses

To address this issues we must:

  • estimate the amount of traffic we need
  • estimate the number of sales we can make
  • estimate the number of keywords we need to cover considering the number of sales

To do this you need good high converting keywords.

Key features of FOXE Keyword Strategy Master:

  • export & import keywords list
  • working with projects
  • marge keywords lists into one list
  • multiply keywords list
  • substitute one keywords with keywords from a list.
  • Reversing keywords
  • Simulate number of sells you would get using this keywords
  • export & import simulation data to and form CSV file
  • this application runs both under Winows and MacOS systems.

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